A303 Stonehenge Traffic Delays

A303 Stonehenge traffic delays cause misery for motorists between the Countess Roundabout at Amesbury and the Longbarrow Roundabout. A part of the problem is caused by motorists slowing down to look at the stones or Rubbernecking. There have even been reports of motorists stopping and getting out of their cars to take photos. This lack… Continue reading A303 Stonehenge Traffic Delays

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Attractions In Salisbury

There are some wonderful attractions in Salisbury including the Cathedral, St Thomas’s Church and many other places to visit. You’ll also find The Rifles Museum and The Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum to be very interesting places to visit. Why not visit historic Salisbury Cathedral set in the beautiful surroundings of the Cathedral close. It’s… Continue reading Attractions In Salisbury

G7MJV – Radio Ham

I’m G7MJV and I’m a radio ham living in Salisbury, England. I studied for the RAE at Southampton Technical College back in the early 90s. Thankfully, I passed and gained a license to transmit on the amateur radio frequencies. I occasionally use the local 70cms DMR repeater, GB7SP. It’s located at the local Hospital and… Continue reading G7MJV – Radio Ham

Keeping My Mind Active

I decided that keeping my mind active would be a good idea, now that I’ve taken early retirement. I gave up working some ago and starting a retirement blog seems like a good way to keep my brain ticking over. I’ve not done a great deal of writing since I was at school but I… Continue reading Keeping My Mind Active

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